Firstly, you have to sort out technical issue, which includes:

  • Buy a domain. In plain language, it’s the unique address of your online store. Use websites such as to find a good domain name.
  • Find a hosting provider. In other words, you need to find a powerful computer which could provide access to your website 24/7.
  • Install WordPress. When you’ve got a domain and hosting provider, then you can install WordPress to build your site.
  • Install AliDropship plugin. Just after installing WordPress, go to your account, choose the Plugins tab, upload AliDropship plugin from your computer and install it.
  • Activate your AliDropship license key, which you get right after buying the plugin.

Secondly, you go about creating your online store:

  • Choose a theme for your store. AliDropship plugin contains 4 brilliant themes.
  • Customize your site. Create a logo for your store, images for the main page, banners, etc. Note: it’s better to delegate these tasks to professional designers unless you’re one of them.

The next step is about money:

  • Choose the currency. In AliDropship plugin setting choose a currency you prefer to work with.
  • Set up your markup formula. AliDropship plugin contains an effective system to mark up the products you import from AliExpress.
  • Set up your payment gateways. Choose the payment system you prefer to get money with (PayPal, for instance).

Then you need to import some products to your store and make the product’s pages look appealing:

  • To import items from AliExpress to your store you have to install AliDropship Google Chrome Extension.
  • Then edit your product pages. Make your products’ descriptions and titles informative and appealing for customers. Also add good quality pictures of your goods without AliExpress signs.
  • Import customers’ reviews to your store with AliDropship plugin.
  • Set up shipping options. The most appealing option for customers is free shipping.
  • Work on your SEO. To ensure a stable customer flow to your online store, you have to learn how to get your site to the top of Google search.

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