A product page is a unique page of any product in your online store, which includes a detailed product description, its features, price, shipping options, customer reviews, etc. The more valuable information it contains, the better it is for customers, search engines and for your ecommerce store.

A keyword is a query that users type into the Google search box when trying to find a particular item. You can enter the name of the product in the search field on your own and see what options the search engine offers. We also recommend you to go to Amazon or eBay and look at the product names of your competitors.


The truth about SEO proved by our experience is that it’s a more effective promotional tool than advertising on social media or Google Shopping Ads. We’ve got $10,000 per month due to the organic traffic. The whole process of getting such traffic comes down to two main tasks:

  1. Adding as many products related to our store as possible;
  2. Product pages SEO – editing headlines, product descriptions, meta-tags, photos and adding reviews:
  • Product pages SEO starts with headlines. A headline should be short (4-5 words), informative and contain keywords.
  • You need to place in your site only good quality pictures of your products without the signs of third-party companies. And of course, you have to work on SEO, which includes using keywords in the names of your photos and adding ALT tags with keywords to them.
  • Meta-tags. Title has to contain keywords, be eye-catching and draw buyers’ attention. Description should include short info about your products and why people need to buy it.
  • Product description. The most important part of product pages SEO. The more informative is your description, the better results your SEO shows.
  • Customers’ reviews. Good customers’ reviews increase your sales and clients’

Also you can improve your Google searching results by optimizing not a single product page but a whole product category.


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